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If you suspect the presence of asbestos within your building, get in touch with us today! Asbestos Watch Perth is a professional asbestos removal service provider for your commercial, residential and government properties in Western Australia.

We are an established company that provide excellent asbestos-related services such as removal, testing, and management plan. Our team aims to deliver the best services to identify and remove asbestos-containing materials within your premises, completely and safely in the fastest way.

  • We are a fully licensed and insured asbestos removal and testing service provider.
  • Our team members are well-trained and highly skilled asbestos experts.
  • We are fully licensed and insured for performing asbestos removal and testing services.
  • All of the works fully comply with all the standard rules and regulations.
  • High-quality services at competitive prices.
When it comes to detecting and safely removing asbestos, it is best to contact Asbestos Watch Perth. Our team of specialists will perform all work prompt and quickly. We put customer satisfaction, along with your health and safety, as our biggest priority.

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A Brief History of Asbestos in Perth, WA

Asbestos was discovered as an indestructible material centuries ago. Due to the length and flexibility of its fibres, it became incorporated into manufacturing products, such as brake pads, fabric, gaskets and paper. It blocks heat transfer because it is fireproof and it, therefore, represented the ideal insulation material. In both its fabric and compacted-brick forms, it was used to cover heating systems and kilns.

Asbestos occurs naturally. Therefore, it was simply mined and not manufactured. Just like in many other states, it is present in vast natural deposits in Western Australia. In 1936, blue fibre (crocidolite) deposits were discovered in Wittenoom by Lang Hancock. These materials are easily available for construction and industrial uses. Its low cost of production as a truly raw material made Australian manufacturers go ballistic.

Driven by greed, manufacturers and other key players convinced the masses that asbestos material was a cutting-edge technology with a thousand and one uses.  For this reason, businesses quickly commercialized asbestos-containing material (ACM), even in unusual ways.

Asbestos incidents in Western Australia

Asbestos materials were discovered in roofing panels of at least 10 buildings in Western Australia. The new Perth stadium, Fiona Stanley hospital, and Perth Children’s hospital are few private buildings that use asbestos-tainted gaskets sourced from China. As a consequent, construction workers were exposed to this dangerous asbestos fibre. The manufacturers claimed that specified materials being supplied were asbestos-free and tested negative for asbestos. However, an audit revealed the test report had not actually confirmed the roofing panels for the presence of asbestos.

Moreover, the Australian agency responsible for testing asbestos at the border has since revealed that they only tested a fraction of shipments each year for this substance. They stated that it was impossible to guarantee that all imported materials did not contain asbestos materials.

These findings imply that detecting and preventing the existence of asbestos is still much needed in Western Australia.

Prompt and safe asbestos-related services by Asbestos Watch Perth

You always have to keep in mind that removing asbestos products yourself can be dangerous for you and the people around you. The release of asbestos fibres into the air is unavoidable and in most cases, you won’t notice that you inhaled a high amount of asbestos fibres already.

No part of asbestos removal in Perth should be undertaken by anyone except licensed removal companies. It is important to hire a professional company such as Asbestos Watch Perth so that any traces of asbestos are removed in accordance with the strict Australian law, without causing harm to human beings, animals, and the environment in general.

Asbestos Watch Perth is a professional contractor within the greater Perth region. Our team members have the ability in delivering satisfactory result for asbestos-containing material removal and testing in Perth. Our professional team can handle all of your problems by performing a prompt and safe removal and also testing in Perth.

We offer services as follows:

  • Asbestos removal – Removing asbestos materials in all area and locations
  • Asbestos testing – Conducting a test via an accredited lab before the removal process

We are committed to ensuring your health and safety: this is why we only employ professionals who have knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced to get the work done quickly and excellently. If you are searching for an asbestos removalist who is time conscious, detail oriented, and committed to your health and safety – then Asbestos Watch Perth is the right place for it.

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If your house is over 20 years old, it is likely to have asbestos materials in it. You need a professional asbestos removalist to test for asbestos to identify whether your house contains asbestos.
If you accidentally discover asbestos materials during work, better to end the work immediately. Contact a certified and professional asbestos removalist to conduct a thorough risk assessment, and undertake an asbestos testing work if it's needed.
Since asbestos is hazardous material, only an authorised landfill is allowed to accept asbestos waste. Therefore, you should only contact the authorised landfill that is already registered by EPA.

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