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Do you breathe a safe air?

How do you know that you’re breathing in a safe environment? How do you believe that the air you breathe is not contaminated by a toxic material? It’s time to investigate the air quality in your place! Moreover, if you have asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) there, you need to conduct an asbestos air monitoring Perth work right away.

It’s estimated that 1.3 million people are being exposed to asbestos dust in general and construction industries. A prolonged exposure to ACM fibres is dangerous to human health. –

Nowadays, the threat mainly comes from demolition and renovation projects. When proper ACM testing is not done before the project begins, renovation work can release fibres that harm construction workers and people in the surrounding area.

Moreover, when working with friable ACMs during a renovation project, you may want to monitor the level of fibre contamination in the environment. Besides the fact that air monitoring is legally required, it will also help you to keep people around the area safe!

Briefly, air monitoring is required for all friable ACM removal and must:

  • Include the removal area
  • Be performed immediately before starting removal work, except where glove bags are used
  • Be conducted during the ACM removal work or at other times, as decided by a licensed assessor
  • Be carried out after removal and decontamination works have been finished
  • Be performed prior to any enclosure being disassembled.


Read more on:

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Our Experts will help you to breathe safely!

There is no need to worry; we can help you find trusted contractors to conduct air quality control within your building! Through Asbestos Watch Perth, you can find reliable experts to handle your asbestos-related problems. Our endorsed members will deliver comprehensive works of asbestos air monitoring Perth and clearance services. They will ensure that your environment is safe and clean from fibres.

Living with ACM fibres can be detrimental to your health. Therefore, you need to check your building whether it is free from airborne fibres or not. Never underestimate the damage that could happen to your body. Moreover, the presence of ACMs in your property will also give effect to its value. So, start taking serious actions now!


Complete Services offered by our members

The Government of Australia encourages property owners to analyse the amount of asbestos in the environment after a asbestos removal process of friable and non-friable materials. The procedure needs to be conducted by professional contractors according to the guidance note from Safe Work Australia. Only certified assessors can deliver all asbestos air monitoring Perth services according to the right standard.

Our contractors provide complete services as follow:

1. A thorough air quality monitoring

Our approved members will check the air quality – during and after a removal process is being conducted. They perform the jobs safely and completely according to the safety regulations. There are 4 different types of services, which are:

  • Background: To identify any other possible fibre in the surrounding environment.
  • Exposure: To investigate a person’s likely exposure by taking samples inside of a person’s breathing zone.
  • Control: This procedure is needed to check the effectiveness of the removal process.
  • Clearance: Post-removal quality check to ensure that there is no airborne fibre left within the area. 

2. Conduct sampling and testing via a certified laboratory

Our endorsed contractors will send their certified technicians to take samples from your place. We ensure that they will deliver the work in a safe manner to prevent further contamination.

3. Release a brief report

The assessors will give you a brief report after the monitoring process. The report may consists of:

  • The time and location of the sampling process
  • The percentage of fibre existed in each location
  • Information about the sampling and testing procedures
  • Conclusion and summary

4. Guidance to next step

Last but not least, our experts will give you guidance on which step is best for managing ACMs in your property. They may assist you to develop a sound asbestos management plan to minimise the risk of fibre exposure at your premise.

Save your time now by contacting our approved members today! They will handle all jobs related to ACMs – safely and quickly. Your safety is our highest priority- we will help you and your family from asbestos.

So, take a wise step and get free quotes now! Feel free to contact our endorsed members.