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Stay safe during an asbestos emergency situation

A disaster is an unpredictable event in life. It can cause many casualties, both physically and financially. Especially, when you own asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in your property. A destructive disaster that affects ACM-contaminated buildings can lead to a catastrophe. Although we don’t know when it will happen, but we always need to be prepared.

ACM is dangerous when it is being disturbed. It can release friable fibres into the air and pollute the environment.

Exposure to these harmful substances can lead to severe lung illnesses such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Therefore, it is dangerous when a contaminated building is  being affected by a disaster. Once the fibrous product is broken, it can threaten your life.


Asbestos Emergency Repair Perth


Australia is one of the biggest users of ACM products in the world. The hazardous materials are being installed everywhere since they were highly popular in the past. Thus, Australians have a high chance risk to get exposed to asbestos dust in an emergency situation.

Have yourself an easy-to-reach professional contractor to clean your asbestos dust problems in an urgent situation. Through Asbestos Watch Perth, you can get connected with trusted contractors who offer 24/7 asbestos emergency Perth services.


4 tips to deal with an asbestos emergency situation

You need to make a quick move when a disaster happens and affects your contaminated property. Immediate actions can prevent further contamination of asbestos dust. Therefore, keep yourself and your family equipped to stay safe in an emergency situation:

  • Keep the contaminated area restricted from people: You need to keep people away from the contaminated area. Make a sign or create a line! Do anything to prevent people from entering the dangerous area. Thus, you can prevent the fibre dust from spreading everywhere.
  • Take actions to handle the broken ACM products safely: Immediately drain all damaged fibrous products to prevent any further fibre dust release. This process needs to be conducted immediately after the damage happens.
  • Seal the damaged products: Make a temporary seal by spraying the damaged materials with a mixture of PVA glue and water. Remember! Do not touch the broken materials because any disturbance could break the seal and release more fibres into the air. Keep the products secured until a professional removalist comes to take further action.
  • Cover the broken ACM products: Take plastic sheeting or bags and cover all broken materials with the bags. Do this until a professional assessor comes to perform further treatment to the damaged products. You should not try to perform a removal work with DIY kits. You need experience and skills to perform the removal process safely.


After performing these actions, contact a professional contractor right away. Don’t wait too long since fibre exposure is dangerous.


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Quick Steps of Asbestos Emergency Repair Perth

Asbestos emergency repair Perth, is in need of 24/7 service. Therefore, call our members who are ready to help to solve your urgent asbestos-related problems. They are ready to serve you anytime, anywhere.

Our endorsed experts will come to your place and conduct all jobs needed, in the most secure manner. Our removalists will perform the process safely and leave your place clean from fibre dust threats.

Therefore, they will follow these steps to make sure your property is safe:

  1. Full area isolation; Our experts will restrict people to enter the contaminated area. Fencing installation and warning signs are going to be installed if needed. Only technicians with protective gears can enter the contaminated zone.
  2. Prevent further contamination; Before performing any removal work, they will first make sure that there will be no further contamination in the area. Thus, they will dampen the material by spraying a dust suppressant all over the contaminated place.
  3. Propose permission; Every removal work needs to be initiated after getting a permit from Work Safe. Our professional contractors will immediately request the permission to remove hazardous products. Our endorsed assessors will probably get the approval for an asbestos emergency repair Perth work within 24 hours.
  4. Asbestos removal; After receiving the permission, they will immediately design a control plan. Our professional contractors will only conduct the job according to legal regulations. They will use proper tools such as a shovel or an approved HEPA vacuum. All hazardous waste will be treated carefully and placed in bags/containers for disposal. Further treatment like a thorough inspection, sampling and testing is going to be conducted if needed.
  5. Help the claim process to your insurance company; Our endorsed members will help you with insurance claim processes. Our experts will make sure that the insurance claim process will go smoothly as possible.


Reliable and Reputable Services for 24/7

Our A-Class licensed experts have been through trainings to deliver the best performance in every emergency situation. Therefore, our asbestos emergency repair Perth program is reliable and only will be conducted by reputable contractors.

Our experts will handle all of your asbestos-related problems in no time!

Our professional removalists will never conduct the jobs without inspecting the whole contaminated area first. Every fibre problem is unique and needs special treatment in solving it. They know how to deal with asbestos problems, as they are experienced and reputable in their scope of works.

Here’s why our members are the best you can get in every urgent situation:


  • They are trusted and experienced: We only endorse reputable and reliable removalists. They have the experiences to deliver the jobs in the most secure manner and bring specific treatment to different kinds of problems.
  • They can perform all scale of works: We only gather A-Class certification holders, whom are capable of handling all kinds of fibre problems at every level. Our experts are capable to handle ACM-related problems from residential to commercial settings.
  • They deliver quality services at reliable prices: Our removalists are welcome to discuss everything with you including your timeline and requirements. They are keen to give the best to you at all cost even in every urgent time.
  • Safety first, anything will be last: We always put your safety as our priority. Therefore, we provide reliable professional contractors to deliver the best result on handling your asbestos-related problems.


Release your stress by contacting our professional contractors. Our removalists are ready to serve you 24/7! Get your 3 free quotes now!