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Failure to manage asbestos can cost you thousands

Companies must have an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) in place that outlines how they deal with suspected asbestos materials before commencing any work in a building. Having a management plan is not optional. Without one, you are in breach of various state regulations and could face a legal penalty. Furthermore, insurance companies can refuse cover to businesses that don’t have a workable AMP.

Asbestos management plan Perth

If you need to develop a detailed and comprehensive management plan, get in touch with us today. We, as an endorsement company for A-class licensed contractors, will connect you with professional contractors who will assist and help you in the development of an excellent management plan.

Our approved members are extensively trained and skilled in many asbestos disciplines and have the relevant experience to assist you. They offer a professional service for a wide range of clients from commercial and industrial property owners to local authorities, hospitals, housing associations, and domestic properties.

They will help you with all necessities to manage asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in your property, starting from a pre-inspection to delivering the final written report. When required, our endorsed members can also review and update the AMP for continued compliance with the latest regulation.

If you have any questions or if you need a more detailed estimate from our endorsed members, get in touch with them anytime. Call one or more of our approved contractors now, and they will be glad to offer you a free and no-obligation quote for your project.

Why you need an expert to create an Asbestos Management Plan in Perth

An AMP can help you to control and manage ACMs in your building so that possible exposures can be prevented. The plan will briefly outline where ACMs are likely to be found and what necessary actions to be taken. It enables people living or working at your premises to avoid exposure by handling ACMs properly and safely.

Here are some reasons why you need to create an AMP as follows:

1. You are a property owner or the manager of a large premise.
All non-residential premises across all sectors including commercial, industrial, and public buildings are required to have AMP in place. These include schools, hospitals, offices, retail properties, offices, and warehouse. In addition, housing associations that employ staff to carry out work in residential properties must also ensure that they have an AMP in place.

If you are a property owner or manager, you must prove that your premise does not contain fibrous materials. You must take adequate steps to identify the location, condition, and type of any ACM in your property. This can be done by undertaking a dangerous material management survey provided by a licensed and reputable contractor. Once identified, up-to-date records must be kept to manage the risks from everyday usage of the building.

2. When you are planning to do a renovation or demolition project.
You need to have a written control plan for the proper handling of fibrous materials, during the renovation or demolition project. It is important that such materials be properly handled before a renovation or demolition project to protect anyone who might come into contact with the fibrous materials. Construction work cannot begin until an AMP has been made.

3. Legal requirements for a property owner or a property manager.
The most obvious reason to have an in-place AMP is that it’s a legal obligation for a property owner or a property manager. If you have an out-dated document or fail to show this document, you can be prosecuted and charged by the regulatory body. The fine can be as high as $18,000 for a large company and $3,600 for a homeowner.

Having an AMP is about more than just fulfilling a legal obligation. By having an appropriate management program in place, you ensure the health and safety of your employees from the potential risks of fibre exposure.

You should engage a competent contractor to create AMP in Perth. We will connect you with A-class licensed contractors that will assist you in the development of a comprehensive asbestos management plan Perth.

Our approved members have worked with various individuals, government bodies, and companies and delivered satisfactory results. They will help you to comply with complex regulations and ensuring your business remains compliant. Our endorsed contractors can assist you with the whole process of complying with the law and relieve you of the worry.

Why choosing our endorsed contractors to develop AMP is a wise move

If you are looking for a contractor who is time conscious, detail oriented, competitive and also committed to your health and safety, then we are the ideal place to search for it. We are committed to ensuring maximum protection for our clients; this is why we only endorse licensed and experienced contractors who delivered satisfactory results for our clients.

Here are top reasons of why you should choose contractors through us:

a. We offer a straightforward process for the public.
It can be challenging to find contractors who are reliable and provide an easy and professional standard. We make everything easy for our readers since we only connect you with professional surveyors. Experienced professionals know which processes are necessary to create an AMP. Contacting professional contractors through us involves a simple and straightforward process that allows you to save your time and energy.

b. They are knowledgeable and highly experienced
We connect you with extremely knowledgeable surveyors who create excellent management programs. Our endorsed contractors will create a management program tailored to your requirements and needs.

All of our approved contractors understand that different clients have different requirements and needs thus they will deliver a customised service for each client at competitive prices. Our highly competent surveyors will work collaboratively with you to formulate an AMP, to ensure maximum safety for your building occupants.

c. They take all jobs seriously.
Our approved contractors take all jobs seriously; that’s why they are always upfront about the cost and process of management plan Perth services. They are always available to talk you through all the options and find the best resolve.

They are a dedicated team of competent assessors who are experts in creating a detailed management plan Perth. They are highly-skilled and ready to help you to make the best decision in creating an in-place management program.

d. Total solutions for your problems.
We understand that expertise and experience alone do not guarantee success: this is why we endorse contractors that deliver “whole-picture solutions”. They begin by understanding and analysing the challenges of the problem, and then they simply solve the problem. They are always taking into account all relevant factors needed to assure a successful outcome.

Asbestos management plan Perth services provided by our A-class licensed members

Our approved members are highly experienced professionals who know exactly what needs to be done to help you. They will deliver a detailed and comprehensive written report that is accessible for your building occupants. The report will contain a timeline for the implementation of control measures to ensure the effectivity of the program.

When required, our endorsed surveyors will also give consultation for the occupants of your building on how to safely handle ACMs in the case of emergency. We encourage contractors to use safe work methods and appropriate supervision of work in compliance with relevant legislation, codes of practice, and national standards.

Here are services provided by our endorsed contractors:

I. They assist you in creating efficient and practical plan for your fibre-material problems
Our endorsed contractors will assist you to develop an AMP to ensure that you are managing fibrous materials at your premises – efficiently and safely. They will create an AMP that will answer these three important questions; what is going to be done, how is it going to be done, and when is it going to be done.

The plan will outline the strategies and processes from start to finish involved in the asbestos removal and environmental auditing processes used after that. Briefly, our endorsed members will do these following activities:

  • Identify ACMs in the workplace that may present an fibre related health risk. They will perform a thorough inspection and checking of your roofing products (ACM roof removal read here), friable fencing sheet, and vinyl flooring.
  • Assess the risks associated with ACMs by performing a sampling and asbestos testing.
  • Develop and implement suitable hazard control strategies.
  • As far as practicable, introduce control measures to minimise disturbance of and exposure to the ACMs.
  • Outlines necessary actions and steps to handle emergency situations and incidents involving ACMs at your premises.
  • Provide necessary information and training to your employees to promote an awareness of the AMP and the risks associated with fibrous materials, if required.
  • They may also give consultation to workers or residents at your building on how to safely handle fibrous materials in a case of emergency.
  • Review the control measures on a periodic basis to ensure they are still effective.

II. Performing a risk assessment and implement suitable control measures
By gathering information from a prior survey, our endorsed contractors will conduct a risk assessment and implement appropriate control measures to control activities that may disturb ACMs in your building. Our approved members will also design a timeline that describes what the project should deliver within that time-frames.

Our approved contractors will develop a timeline that includes:

  • A brief description of project phases
  • Associated target dates
  • Major activities for each goal
  • Responsibilities and assignments per project phase

III. Conducting period inspections when required
Our endorsed contractors can perform periodic reviews to ensure that the AMP remains relevant and effective. Our approved members will assess the condition and also the degree of deterioration of ACMs at your premises. If required, they will update the existing AMP for continued compliance with the latest legislation. All the re-inspection results and changes will be recorded in a register.

IV. Maintain an up-to-date register
Our approved members will list all identified and assumed ACMs and documented them in a fibre dangerous-material register. They will ensure that all information is presented in a clear manner so that it can be easily understood.

They may provide detailed descriptions when specifying areas or locations and using photos to assist in accurate position identification. They will further ensure that the register is kept by the property manager or the property owner and made available for all building occupants.

Asbestos Watch Perth: the right expert for your AMP

We are home for professional contractors and removalists who are intensively trained and exceptionally skilled. We connect clients with qualified and reliable contractors who have been extensively screened to ascertain their ability to deliver customer expectations and needs. Our aim is to provide you with A-class licensed contractors who know exactly what to look for, what to do, and how to create an excellent management plan in Perth.

Our approved members will help you with the control and management of your property and other relevant structures to prevent fibres exposure to your family or employees. They will analyse the dangers postured by this harmful material and implement control measures to handle them. Our steady and substantial growth over these years is a proof of our high-quality services for our customers.

Without a doubt, contact one or more our contractors when you have problems with fibrous substance, and they will make an excellent asbestos management plan Perth for you!