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Does asbestos roofs affect property values?

Does the presence of an asbestos roof have any impact on property values? In 1 word: yes. The buyers dictate demand, and if an asbestos roof fears them, then it will be a problem. As many post-war homes were built with fibrous cement sheeting, roofing materials containing this hazardous substance are obviously still very evident in our communities today.

Asbestos roof removal Perth

The good news is, we will connect you with A-class licensed contractors who provide safe and effective roof removal Perth services. Fibrous materila elimination is a dangerous job that could result in both serious health and physical problems. This is why it is important to seek help from an expert to do the work.

Our endorsed members are extensively trained, knowledgeable, and highly experienced. They provide asbestos roof removal Perth services for all types of buildings including commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Our certified contractors offer proper removal and containment of roofing materials, transportation, site decontamination, and disposal of asbestos-containing material (ACM) waste in a legal landfill.

They are capable of removing both friable and non-friable roofing materials from your house or workplace safely. You don’t need to worry anymore if your ceiling is damaged or deteriorated. Our endorsed members can replace it with the roof of your choice; either colorbond or tiled ceiling that is free from fibrous material.

Professional asbestos roof removal contractor in Perth

The use of fibrous roofing products has been banned since 31 December 2003 in Australia. It means that the manufacture, supply, use, sale, or reuses of fibrous roofing products are no longer permitted. However, the ban doesn’t apply to buildings that were installed or renovated before this date. Many buildings in Perth, whether residential or commercial, may still contain fibrous roofing products that can be potentially harmful to the building occupants.

Moreover, the Perth city council recommends you to engage a professional contractor in removing fibrous materials at your premises. Here are several reasons why you should seek help from a certified contractor to perform roof replacement project:

1. Health hazards associated with fibrous roofing and siding products

Before the health hazards of ACMs were identified, they were commonly used in the construction industry since they possess excellent mechanical properties and are resistant to fire and water.

Nowadays, the health effects of prolonging exposure to them in human are widely acknowledged and well documented. It has been reported that asbestos-related diseases kill nearly 5000 people each year, which is more than the total number of individuals killed by car accidents.

2. Performing a DIY roof removal yourself is dangerous

You always have to keep in mind that removing fibrous products yourself can be dangerous for you and the people around you. The release of fibres into the air is unavoidable and in most cases, you won’t notice that you inhaled a high amount of fibres already.

If you are thinking of removing the material by yourself, you have to consider the following:

  • Is there an alternative besides removing the ACM? For example, sealing or covering the damaged material with non-fibrous products
  • Can you follow the safety procedure to handle the ACM safely?
  • If the work is too complicated, should you hire a licensed removalist?

3. A license is needed to remove fibrous roofing and siding materials in Perth

You need a license to remove fibrous roofing and siding products in Perth. Only qualified and licensed personnel can undertake this type of project. As stated by the Western Australian law, different types of ACMs must be handled differently. The local requirements for handling fibrous materials are:

  • An A-class and B-class license holder can remove bonded/non-friable materials
  • Only an A-class license holder can remove friable materials

The regulatory bodies encourage a property owner to engage a licensed professional to remove fibrous roofing and siding materials. An unauthorised removal of fibrous materials is not only dangerous, but also illegal. By handling the replacement of friable roofing products yourself, you are not only risking serious health hazards but also high penalty from the regulatory bodies. Be it from the roofs, eaves and ceilings, choosing a licensed removalist is important.

We can connect you with qualified contractors who provide safe and efficient asbestos roof removal Perth services. We ensure that our approved members perform the removal procedure in accordance with national and local regulations.

Our endorsed contractors are fully A-class licensed and highly experienced. They possess the pivotal knowledge and skill to perform roof removal of an asbestos process, safely and efficiently. Contact one or more of our endorsed contractors today to remove the damaged roofs and ensure the health and safety of your family and employees.

Why contacting our approved contractors is a wise move

Our approved members are capable of handling challenges that come when repairing or removing hazardous roofing materials on your property. Here are top reasons why you should contact our endorsed contractors as follows:

a. They do all types of projects – big and small

Roof removal has always been one of the main services offered by us. Our approved members do all type of project and control the schedule, cost, and quality to fit your requirements and needs. They can expertly handle all scope of projects, starting from an initial inspection until a full removal at your premises. They will stage your project in a correct order to make sure that everything is done properly and on schedule.

Through the years, our approved contractors have established the reputation of being the “go-to” service providers for asbestos roof removal Perth. Their reputation and resume speak for itself. Their main objective is not only to meet your expectations, but they also ensure you are in good hands.

b. Our approved members are highly skilled and experienced

When you choose our approved members, you don’t have to go through the hassle, as they are highly skilled and experienced. Our customers entrust us not only because of our members’ skill and experience but also their ability to deliver the desired results.

c. They provide high-quality services at competitive prices

Our endorsed contractors aim to deliver high-quality services at competitive prices. They know exactly how to deliver the project within your spending project and on time. Briefly, the cost for this project can vary between different properties and depends on many factors.

The cost will vary depending on these factors:

  • The amount of replacement products needed
  • The quality of replacement products
  • Project complexity
  • Location of fibrous materials within the roofing structure

These factors determine the amount of energy and time that they have to spend, and this is reflected in the total cost for you. To get an accurate estimated cost for the removal work in your building, we need you to contact our competent contractors first so they can provide a customised quote for your situation.

d. Your health and safety is our highest priority

We are committed to ensuring your health and safety: this is why we only endorse knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced contractors who get the work done quickly and excellently. If you are searching for a contractor who is time conscious, detail oriented, and committed to your health and safety – then Asbestos Watch Perth is the right place for it.

Extensive services provided by our A-class licensed contractors

Our approved contractors offer a complete service starting from an initial survey until the dispose of harmful waste in a legal landfill. They can undertake a complete removal, minor and major repairs, and also the replacement of fibrous roofing and siding materials. They ensure that your property is managed to the highest of standards, while you are having a control of your budget.

Here are services offered by our endorsed members:

1. A thorough inspection of your corrugated roofs

Shed, outbuilding, and garage roofs are commonly constructed using fibrous cement sheeting. Roofs made of cement sheeting can often be identified as they are mostly corrugated. The vast majority of these corrugated roofs contain fibrous products. If in doubt, our approved assessors can carry out asbestos sampling and testing to ascertain whether asbestos is present.

Depends on the situation, they may do an initial removal to obtain a sample for analysis purposes. Once our qualified contractors completed the survey, they will assess the necessity of a repair or elimination work for the suspected material. If a removal work is required, our endorsed specialists will handle removal of the whole roof or certain main structures that support the roof.

2. Repairing your damaged or deteriorated roofs

If there is minor damage, such as chipped edges or small amounts of cracking to the cement sheets, our licensed members can look at the damaged materials and advise on the best course of action. Repairing, rather than removing the damaged roofing materials, may be feasible.

Our approved members will either use sealing/encapsulation or covering/enclosure techniques to repair the damaged materials. Encapsulation technique involves covering the fibrous products with a sealant that either binds the fibres together or coats them to prevent the release of fibres.

Enclosure technique involves the construction of an airtight and impermeable barrier near the damaged materials to contain the fibres. Our endorsed members can cover the damaged roofing materials with polystyrene foam insulation panels to ensure the quality of the enclosure process.

Another possible solution is to leave the original slate in the initial place and only remove the aluminum siding. This will avoid the formation of hazardous dust from tearing the slate off your roof. With these types of repair, they ensure that the fibrous roofing materials will remain intact.

3. Removal and replacement of the entire roof or main supporting structures containing ACM

Whether you need to remove fibrous materials from the roof will depend on the condition of the roof itself and what your plans are. If you intend to carry out refurbishment or demolition, then you will need to remove the fibrous materials before carrying out the rest of the projects.

If the materials are damaged, then removal of the fibrous material is likely to be the best solution. Contact contractors through us to remove the damaged roof from your building to ensure your health and safety.

Briefly, here are the steps that our professional members will do:

  • Our approved contractors always wear protective equipment such as disposable overalls and respiratory protective masks
  • They will limit the access to several areas to prevent further contamination
  • They will remove the damaged materials and place the waste in a special container
  • After the above process, they will check all remaining dust and clean the contaminated area with a specialized equipment
  • They will seal the ceiling to ensure that no airborne fibres remain
  • They can also upgrade the roof structures to meet modern building requirements
  • Our endorsed members can also replace the old roof with a new roof of your choice

4. Transportation and disposal of the hazardous waste in an approved legal landfill

Transportation and disposal of hazardous waste are another important procedures to ensure the completion of the work. Our licensed contractors will take care of the transportation and disposal of the hazardous waste to a nearby legal landfill.

They never perform an illegal or improper disposal of harmful waste. All the procedures will be conducted in agreement with legislation guideline and applicable codes. Please check the asbestos management plan procedure.

So what does all this mean?

If you intend to remove fibrous roofing materials from your property, get in touch with us immediately! We offers you class-A licensed contractors for your commercial, government, and residential buildings in the greater Perth region.

Our approved members aim to deliver the best services to remove fibrous roofing materials within your premises, safely and completely in the fastest way. They offer extensive services starting from the identification of asbestos in your roofs until a complete removal of the whole roof. They strive to meet your needs and deliver the desired results, at competitive prices.

All you need to do is contact one or more of our endorsed members with a detailed description of your needs. Our endorsed contractors will assess the condition of your property and perform the job: prompt and reliably.

So what can you do about it?

When seeking a reliable contractor to remove fibrous roofing materials from your property safely…look for Asbestos Watch Perth.