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Are you at risk from Asbestos in Perth?

Property owners have many questions about indoor air quality and for a good reason: most Australians will spend most of their time every day inside their living or working space. If breathing the air could make them sick, that is a big deal. One indoor air quality question that often comes up a lot on older buildings is fibrous material. It is hard to tell whether fibre substance is present or not on your property by a visual inspection. This is why asbestos testing is required to ensure that people are breathing a safe air.

Asbestos testing Perth

If you are unsure and want to know if your living or working space contains a dangerous substance, get in touch with us today. We, as an endorsement company for A-class licensed contractors, is the right place to search for professionals to conduct a thorough asbestos testing Perth. They will do a thorough inspection of your property starting from the roof (fibre roof removal read here) until beneath the floor.

Our approved members will come in and assess the severity of the asbestos-containing material (ACM) in your property. Only an experienced professional knows where to look and what to look for. They will undertake an extensive assessment, do the sample collection, and perform the test via an accredited laboratory.

We assure that all of our approved members conduct any testing process in compliance with national and local regulation standards. They can handle all of your fibre-material-related problems and offer extensive services in residential, government, or commercial settings. They strive to deliver high-quality services at competitive prices.

When it comes to detecting and testing ACMs, it’s best to contact professional contractors through us.

Why you require a professional asbestos testing in Perth

Asbestos has natural properties that makes it an inexpensive and excellent fire retardant. It was added to many construction products with a peak use between the 1940s through the 1980s. Common materials that contain fibres include cement sheeting, vermiculite insulation, ceiling tiles, fencing, roofing, boiler pipes, and vinyl flooring.

The biggest risk posed by fibrous materials in buildings is during a renovation or a demolition to an old house and commercial spaces. This is when the ACMs get damaged and aerosolized and people living or working in the building is at risk of exposure.

You should not wait when you believe that fibrous materials might be present within your property. The only way to be sure whether your building contains fibrous materials or not is by getting it inspected by an expert.

Here are some reasons why you need to perform asbestos testing procedure:

1. You own a property built before the 1980s

If you own a house or commercial space built before the 1980s, you can assume it probably contains at least some fibrous materials. You may want to perform an assessment to look for damaged materials, which may contain fibrous materials, and have these encapsulated or remediated.

The risks of exposure are much greater if you are renovating or remodelling an old building. Then, you should have a thorough checking and inspection done by an expert prior to the construction project.

2. Natural disasters, such as bushfire and storm, happen

Common events like hurricanes, bushfires, storms, and floods can expose human beings to ACMs. Soon after a natural disaster, the fibres may circulate in the air continuously and make them easily inhaled. People, residing in the area when the disaster happens, are highly at risk to fibre exposure.

It is important that they know what to do in the event their home or business becomes damaged by a natural disaster. With two-thirds of houses in Australia today contain ACMs; the risks of exposure to fibres after a natural disaster can be very high.

3. You believe a material that may be an ACM is damaged

Deterioration and damage will increase the friability of fibrous materials. Water damage, aging, continual vibration, and physical impacts such as sawing, cutting, grinding, or drilling can break the materials down making fibre release more likely. When ACMs began to break down and crumble, they can release dangerous friable fibres and make them go airborne.

When being inhaled, fibres can be trapped in the mucous membrane and pass deep into the lungs. The fibres can cause the progression of aggressive illness in the future. The symptoms may not be quickly evident since the latency period of the illnesses are between 20 to 35 years.

Fibrous materials are something you can’t take lightly if there are signs of damage to older buildings. You have to keep in mind that performing a testing yourself by using DIY testing kits may be dangerous for you. It’s best to get an expert through us to do a thorough inspection of your property.

Our approved members are always ready to help you to identify and get rid of this harmful substance as promptly as possible. Their team of specialists knows what to look for and where to look. As a result, they will give you accurate results – prompt and right the first time.

They have the pivotal skills and knowledge to perform asbestos testing Perth – efficiently and safely. There is no project related to testing and removal that can be too challenging for them.

Why you need to contact our endorsed members for asbestos testing in Perth

There are many service providers who claim their experts in doing testing and inspection of fibrous materials, while in fact, they are not. It is very easy to trust their promises and claims. You should be wary before contacting certain companies or contractors.

You can easily avoid such contractors when you choose an expert through us. This is because we have thoroughly assessed each contractor before endorsing them. You can be sure that all the professionals in our list have what it takes to deliver the desired results for you.

Here are top reasons why you should contact our endorsed contractors to perform asbestos testing procedure:

a. Our A-class licensed members are selectively chosen

Finding a contractor you can rely upon is not an easy task, so we’ve done all the research for you. Our contractors are assessed to the highest standards covering all types of testing and sampling.

All of our approved members are fully A-class licensed and highly experienced. They possess extensive knowledge and skill that enable them to deliver comprehensive and cost-efficient asbestos testing Perth services.

b. We deliver an easy and straightforward process

Getting an expert through us involves an easy and straightforward process. Apart from having a website that is extremely informative and easy to navigate, it has clear information on how to reach and talk to an expert who will assist you.

You can save your energy and time by getting professionals through us. Upon your contact, they will come to the location and conduct a thorough inspection at your premises. They may do a test via an accredited laboratory and deliver the final report to you. All you need to do is contact them and they will deliver all the results to your door, fast and easy.

3. Your health and safety is our top priority

Your health and safety is our highest priority, which is why we put great emphasis on proper safety procedure and time management. All of our approved members are committed to achieving health and safety excellence. They conduct all jobs in a safe manner and agreement with all current legislation.

4. Our approved members employ modern techniques and equipment

Testing for fibrous materials and other related services require a lot of specialized equipment and tools. Without the right equipment, there is no way that the work will be done correctly. Our endorsed contractors employ new and modern testing techniques to complete the job in the best way possible.

Our approved assessors have the right certification, training, and experience for a safe handling of fibrous materials. When you are dealing with our endorsed members, you can sit back knowing that you are going to get accurate results.

Services provided by our A-class licensed contractors

Our approved members offer a wide range of services including the identification of fibrous substances in a bulk material, industrial and residential survey, and air particles monitoring. We ensure that all of them perform sampling and testing in compliance with Australian and Western Australian law. They are more than happy to assist you for the whole testing period.

Here is a broad range of asbestos testing Perth services offered by our endorsed contractors:

I. Collect all the samples from the suspected material in a safe manner

It is difficult for you to identify the material just by looking at it. Our approved members will firstly perform a visual inspection on all areas that are accessible. They will later collect the sample in a manner that it will not be dangerous for the people around the sampling area. They ensure that appropriate control measures are implemented during the sampling process.

II. Testing all the collected samples via an accredited laboratory

There are two main methods of testing that are used by our endorsed members for asbestos testing Perth. One is known as the Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) and the other is Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).

Our endorsed contractors often use PCM to identify the presence of fibre in samples. PCM is able to detect even minute traces of microfibers based on its high magnification rates of 400X and above. However, PCM-reliant methods cannot differentiate between various fibres and ACM. For example, it might not be able to differentiate between fiberglass and ACM fibres. Therefore, in more strict dangerous-material testing environments, the professionals need more accurate protocols.

In circumstances where not only the presence of fibre-substance is needed but their differentiations, TEM might be needed. TEM-based protocols have magnifications of up to 20000X meaning that all ACM types can easily be detected and differentiated from similar microfibers such as cellulose and fibreglass. Therefore, this testing protocol is standard in all residential and institutional settings.

The information gathered from the tests is used to determine the potential risk that the occupants of a given building are exposed to. After the testing period, our endorsed professionals will give you further advice on how to handle fibrous materials safely within your premises.

III. Decontamination of all tools and the sampling area

Determining that an area is safe for reoccupation involves decision-making on numerous factors, including a proper decontamination method. Hence, you need assistance from a professional to conduct the decontamination process to ensure that the sampling area is free from fibrous materials.

Our endorsed removalists can provide services required to decontaminate all tools and sampling area to satisfy national and local requirements. The process may include:

  • Determining the proper method for decontamination and disposal. They will consider several aspects such as legal requirements, time factors, economic issues, etc.
  • Washing down of equipment, tools, and facilities.
  • Transportation and disposal of hazardous waste or debris to a legal facility
  • Air monitoring to ensure that the sampling area is safe for reoccupation.

Asbestos Watch Perth: Competent, trusted, and reliable services for all needs

You should not wait when you think that fibre substance may be present in your building. Contact a professional contractor through us to conduct a thorough inspection at your premises.

Only highly skilled and experienced contractors that can deliver efficient and safe services received our endorsement. They are committed to ensuring your health and safety. They care about all projects and can often be found going the extra mile to make sure everything ‘is going right’.

They offer a comprehensive and complete testing service starting from sample collection until providing recommendations. They use new and modern technology to conduct testing via an accredited laboratory. All procedures are conducted in accordance with national and local regulations.

Our A-class licensed members have countless experience in conducting sampling, testing, management plan and other services in a respectable manner. They have worked extensively with property owners, large companies, and the government. They know how dangerous fibre is to humans. That is why they are always ready to help you get rid of this harmful material as soon as possible.

When seeking a reliable and competent contractor to identify ACMs within your property, look for Asbestos Watch Perth.